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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  March 30, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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a shocking story out of virginia. >> teenage girls lured into a sex ring by being scoped out on social media websites and bus stops and train stations. exactly where medical marijuana be grown and sold? and you have to be under a rock to not know about this one, the mega million jackpot. that is a hot seller today. the mega million jackpot has
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jumped to $540 million. fox 5 morning news starts right now. good morning. on this friday, march 30th, this is a live look at 295 at the pentagon this morning. you may need a jacket. but it will not define your day. good morning. i'm sarah simmons. >> and i'm well -- will thomas. if the morning is right, i guess this would be the last morning we'll say good morning to our viewers, right? >> what? i had moved on. >> all right. i'll do the weather forecast and let you know that today the weather promises to be a winning day just like the lottery we'll have numbers that will be on the winning side. >> really? are we go to do this every time? >> 35 in frederick, 32 in ocean
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city. a frost advisory will continue for the next couple hours. satellite and radar, a few clouds moving through, generally sunshine for the first half of the day and clouds later. you see the rain out in southern ohio. there might be a sprinkle today, but mostly just cloudy here this afternoon with highs in the 60s. and we'll get some rain showers overnight into the first part of saturday. i'll have more detail on that in a minute. we can handle that. and now a check of the roads with your on time traffic with julie wright. good morning. we're checking for accident activity on the outer loop of the beltway near connecticut avenue. we had a shot from skyfox but just lost it this is near connecticut avenue. it's being reported to be on the shoulder. southbound 270, lanes reported and no problems to report from german down to the lane divide. and northbound 9 5rbgs volume increasing headed across but
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the lanes are open. this is just into the fox 5 newsroom, video of a train derail am in howard county this morning. two separate trains collided just before 2:00 a.m. in jesup. >> only the conductors were on board. some telephone lines were brought down but no power outages have been reported. some of our other top stories this morning. fairfax county gang must bees busted. they're accused of running and alleged prostitution ring. five member, including the ringleader of the underground crypts gang have been arrested and charged with sex trafficking. they believe the men recruited high school girl as young as 16 on social media networks. they say that the girls were forto >> sometimes being forced to prostitute themselves almost ten times a night and dozens time over the worse of the week for many weeks at a time. >> officials say all together, 11 gang member have been
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arrested since 2011 for the underage sex trafficking. the district handing out its first license to grow medical marijuana today. six companies in the northeast have been selected to grow and supply the cannabis. they are expected to be named in early june. a store called we grow is opening today on rhode island avenue. it will only sell supplies for indoor growing. the first possible sales of medical marijuana in washington d.c. would occur no sooner than august. florida's governor is peg out about the trayvon martin shooting. governor scott said when the investigation is over, he'll reexamine some of the state laws, including the so-called stand your ground law. scott said he'll determine if anything needs to be changed and he's confident that justice will revail. -- prevail. another big story and it has us all day dreaming, what if? what if you want $540 million?
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that is the estimated jackpot in tonight's mega million jackpot. >> it's being called the ever in the world. it's one of the many places selling tickets today. and the doors have they opened? do we have another hour or so? >> reporter: they did. they just opened up and we saw a few people going in buying their lottery tickets. $540million is enticing and i started to think here in the last half hour since i last talked to you i'm feeling a little guilty since will asked me what i would do with the money. i said buy a house and go to florida and then i seed the story with randy smith. i should have said build a hospital. but everybody is dreaming about all the things they could buy with the $540 million. people here at this town market have been coming in since they opened up about 20 minutes ago and you can bet that a lot of people will be buying tickets today before that drawing. everyone is hoping to buy the
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ticket and beat the odds according to forbes, your odds of wining is 176 million to one. here the downside, there's a 97% chance that you're share the jackpot with at least one other winner. statistics favor there being between two and nine joint winners. fur picking numbers, the suggestion is that you look at some of the higher numbers between 32 and 56. it's not that they're more likely to hit the numbers, it's that you'll probably have less competition because a lot of people will buy numbers for birthdays. so that would be the numbers through 1 through 31. another big thing here is that of the states are looking at a possible win fall from the jackpot. if you think about it the jackpot is $540 million. but if you win and you take the lump sum payout that is 390 million and then uncle sam takes his chunk out of that and you only end up with $293 million so that is a lot of
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money that might boost some state and local governments if somebody would win. >> i have no doubt that would you do something noble. but i think when you win a huge lottery, you get to be a little selfish, right? >> reporter: okay. we want to take your comments as to what you would do with the money if you won. so go to our facebook page and let us know and we'll show some of those through the morning as well. build a hospital and hire a leer jet. yes. startling new numbers about autism in the united states. and later on what is it? the question may be answered after a mysterious creature washes up on the shore of south carolina what is that? back in a moment. ♪
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northrop grumman.
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making headlines this morning. the police in france have detained 19 suspected islamic extremists after a series of raids across the country. earlier this month a man shot a rabbi and three school children. the shootings were the worst terror attacks that france had seen since the 1990s. france president said that they seeds assault rifles. -- they seized assault rifles. researchers found one in 88 children nationwide has some sort of autism spec truck spectrum disorder. and we're talking more about the findings and what it means for autism research in the 8:00 hour with the organization autism speaks. congress has approved a 90- day extension to the
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transportation bill that is good news for construction jobs and helps to avert a shutdown of the federal highway administration. the house approved the temporary extension yesterday afternoon with the senate passing it a few hours later. funding was set to run out saturday night. scientists may have solved the mystery of a strange creature that washed up on a south carolina shore. we'll look at your forecast as fox 5 continues. time right now is 6:13. 
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mega million jackpot now stands at a record-setting $540 million. plenty of our facebook plans have plans if they win too. let's take a look at a few. jessie would buy a nice house and make sure that the local food banks were stocked up and go become to college that is a great idea. and michelle oliver sounds
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confident. i will take one month or two to get any affairs in order. i'm a washington lover so i would help my city. i love that share your plans with us on our facebook page. >> with this kind of money, of course, you would have to help people. >> got enough money. you can do both. >> didn't sherry said that the odds are better in you're in a group pool situation. and i know three of us are. >> i'm getting my money in today. >> we have our odds down to 1 in 155 million. >> that is nuts. >> so your forecast is going to be nice. we'll have sunshine today the first half of the day and a little cloud cover later and the temperatures in the 60s. so it's a gift today. >> yeah. deja vu. >> sunny start to the day and we're watching clouds out to the west. and they could give us a
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sprinkle later this afternoon. but we're going to get a few showers and the best chance will be overnight into tomorrow morning. we're look tag a little bit of rain, maybe a tenth of an inch as it moves on through. the week looks so-so. cloud cover to start your saturday. and i'm hoping by tomorrow afternoon we'll get some peeks of sunshine and highs of about 70. mid-70s by early next week. we should be into the mid-70s monday and tuesday. here are the temperatures currently. 44 in washington and lots of 30s north and west of the city an up in north maryland we have a frost advisory. a little warmer to the south. you've been on the warm side for the last couple days. 46 in annapolis, 43 in leonardtown. satellite and radar, not much to talk about here across the mid-alantic. we've been quiet for the past 24 hours. out to the west, cloud cover and a couple showers and those clouds will sneak into the area
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during the morning hours. so we'll be partly sunny by afternoon and could be a sprinkle or two but honestly, the area of low pressure that will bring us the best chance of showers will not get through here till overnight tonight. so i think most of today should be dry and most of the evening should be dry for you too. 63 today and early sunshine and afternoon clouds and we're expecting mild conditions. that is where we should be and the winds out of the north five to ten and lighter winds. becoming cloudy with a couple showers overnight. and tomorrow morning, there will be a few showers around. but it will not rain all day. we'll see sunshine by mid- afternoon. highs about 50. sunday looks fabulous with sunshine. mid-70s monday and tuesday. things are looking good. that is a look at your weather forecast. and now let's do some traffic. i feel like a win the lottery every day because i get to work with you. >> you want in on my winnings. >> i'll call you from the
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island. check this out on the inner loop of the beltway. this is an unusual delay for this hour of the morning. this is the inner loop springfield to braddock road. i have people hitting me up on twitter saying there was been a shift in the lane configuration as you travel up there. the left side of the road shifted to the right so there's no warning for this it kind of shifts over to the right use travel the inner loop and the beltway and that is contributing to the delay that is slow. this is something that we typically see at 7:30. so an unusual delay on the inner loop of the beltway heading to braddock road and it shifts everybody to the right as you try to work your way out. 66 eastbound, below speed into 123. falls road is fine out to the split. montgomery plea have released video and unusual
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traffic stop. >> you send me robin if you wish. >> that is the cop talking to the dispatcher. >> pulled over this guy in a lamborghini. he helps sick children. his real plates were inside the car. today put some bat plates ton for show the -- plates on it for show. the officers let him go but not without a few photos. a mystery on a south carolina shore may be solved. earlier this month a strange creature washed up on folly beach. look at this thing and you're like it looks like a dinosaur. more than likelies is just and at atlantic sturgeon. the fish can grow up to 15 feet
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long and weigh over 500 pounds. you just don't normally see them up this close that is freaky. >> it looks like a handbag that i saw in a store in atlanta. >> all right. handbag, dinosaur. we're going to go live to fox business network in new york. bad news for best by. as we go to break, how happy are you? researchers suggest how to help your well-being. and they hope to find a way to translate the level of happiness into an official statistic. economists and other experts recognize that money is not the only thing that matters when it comes to overall quality of life. think about that as you buy your lottery ticks -- lottery tickets today. back in a moment. 
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best buy is closing dozens of stores. more on that in a moment. but first a look at the markets. we have fox business network here live from new york with this morning's business beat. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. >> we are seeing some signs that our me is still like a car i once owned, slug girl what are some of the indicators? >> reporter: jobless claims are still at a four year low but they came in higher than expected last week. the economy is stalling out just a little bit. we got numbers for the fourth quarter for the end of last year. but it's going to slow down in this quarter. and wall street, there's no winning lottery ticket. we're positive for the week but just barely. yesterday mixed markets down and the dow down 19 and the nasdaq and s&p 500 lower for three days in a row. >> big news for best buy after
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some disappointing holiday sales. >> reporter: did you shop at best buy over the holidays? >> i did. >> reporter: did they match a lower price that you may have found somewhere else? >> i'm not a good shopper like that. >> reporter: but lots of customers went in demanding lower prices and they got them and free shipping and people will go into to use it as a showroom to sample some things that they will buy on line and that is the problems and that is why best buy lost money in the holiday quarter and they're closing 50 big box stores and laying off 400 workers in a move to save $800 million. >> did you goat your lottery ticket? >> reporter: i have till 10:45 p.m. >> all right. thank you. we'll talk about the lottery, $540 million. the mega million jackpot reach what's is being called a world record.
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we're live this morning for more on the frenzy surrounding tonight's drawing. fox 5 continues right after this
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more appropriate music to get you thinking what would you do if you won the mega million jackpot? james campbell writes find struggling familys that were laid off and help them. he also said that he would go fishing. and michael says that he would dress like the monopoly man in public every day and i would buy a solid gold telephone. >> all right, michael. >> hopefully he would not be passing out the monopoly money. >> he's got the creative juices flowing. >> hopefully it will phone. >> what would you do?
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>> i have not decided yet. >> didn't you say you want houses and properties? >> there was a day. >> he's a fickle man. >> one house is plenty for me i realize. there's a live shot. there are a few clouds out to the west. and it's not going to be a perfectly sunny day today. but it will be a decent day with the temperatures back into the 60s. and we should be dry today. is that the washington monument? >> yes. >> that is beautiful. >> that is the capitol. so we'll move on to the radar. there you go. a few showers out to the west. i don't think most of that is touching the ground. but some of the cloud cover will roll. >> into the area shortly. so it will not be a perfectly sunny day, probably partly sunny. currently 44 in washington, humidity 60% and the winds out of the northeast at six miles an hour. and your forecast today,
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partial sunshine and mild conditions and 63 the daytime high. we have showers in the forecast later tonight and early tomorrow. i'll have the detail on the week forecast and we have ask the weather guy. we have a great question today and we'll try to have a little fun with the answer in a few minutes. >>, are you? >> yes. >> i saw you crafting something. >> julie wright we know you would be buying an island. maybe. on the roads right now, you'll fine the inner loop of the beltway very slow. this is an unusual backup right now. the lanes have shifted to the right a bit on the inner loop without warning so that is contributing to that delay on the inner loop. eastbound 66, incident on the shoulder. expect de-- delays to 7100. the big story this morning, mega million jackpot mania.
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>> the jackpot stands at a record-setting number of $540 million. >> reporter: the people are slowly trickling in today. but i can bet you're going to see long lines today. the chances of winning are actually one in 176 million. but you increases with the more tickets that you buy. that is why pools are a good idea for people. people have been coming in at the market. you can see a few people starting to trickle in for the $540 million mega million jackpot. i lot of people like it pick birth days and an verses. but the -- anniversaries. we have some of the most pop already numbers drawn in the
6:34 am
mega million jackpot. there they are. the most drawn gold ball is the number 9. and if you do end up winning that half billion dollar jackpot, the winner would be as rich as diddy, jerry seinfeld and howard stern. if you win, you'd have to share some of that money with unkel sam because you'll have to -- uncle sam because you'll have to pay some taxes so that would go down to a limb lump sum of $390 million. but i think we can live with that. >> what if those were your numbers and you win it, you may need to know something about protecting yourself financially. we'll speak to an attorney that
6:35 am
specializes in lottery disputes to get some answers. some of our other top stories this morning. gang members busted for running and alleged prostitution ring. they say that five members of the underground gangster crypt have been arrested and charged with sex trafficking. they believe they recruited high school girls as young as 16 years old via social media websites. in all, 11 gang member have been arrested since 2011 for undera sex trafficking. district will hand out its first licenses to grow medical marijuana today. the first store will be on rhode island avenue. it will not set pot but the equipment needed forren door growing. the first available marijuana
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will be in august. julia robert playing an evil queen. and we'll give you our take on mirror mirror. this is fox deal. that is more than a $3,000 value so it's more than half off deal. or you can get four nights in a two berm villa 40 miles north of cabo to get in on the deal, go to and look at my fox half off on the right- hand side of the page. >> if that is my view, i'll take it.
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this weekend there's something for you at the box office. joining us right now is our
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movie reviewer kevin mccartney. >> good morning. it's like a mirror mirror by the. >> okay. mirror mirror. >> terrible joke. >> but we had to go there. i think people will be interested in this. julia roberts. what do you think of this movie? it's a snow white movie and julia roberts in t what did you think? >> i was worried on the film based on the trailer. it was terrible. you're like gosh. hollywood is completely out of ideas. i didn't want to seat film based on the trailer. you walk in and you see the stunning visuals done by sam who did the movies like the immortal and you immediately get pushed into the world and you start having so much fun. julia roberts, you can tell this is one of the fun characters that she has played
6:41 am
in her career. i felt like she had a good time on screen. she has to rise up and get the seven rebels and take over the queen and overthrow her. lilly collins that played snow white, i thought she was decent. but everybody else on camera, nathan lane was hilarious. the visuals will blow your mind. it is a movie that you can watch on mute and just watch the beautiful visuals and the beautiful costumes that they created and that is what sells the film. i think it's good to see a director take a source of material that we have seen a million times before and add his own voice to it and that is why i liked it. so the trailers were terrible. >> kid friendly? >> pg. definitely. there are two snow white movies coming out this year.
6:42 am
>> >> -- that's what i heard. >> they said imagine shrek like film. i give it three and a half out of five. this next movie is 100% garbage. it's a sequel of a remake. talk about unoriginal. sam worthington, one of the worst actors today. i cannot emotionally connect to him in any film he has been n the guy does not have any depth to him. i don't understand why he keeps getting leading parts. the dialogue in this movie is so terrible. the character is to go get his
6:43 am
father in the greek methodology world. there's a scene where he's seeking help how to get there and the character it upset with him and says go to hello. and sam worthington says that's is where i'm headed. why would you say that? i was like are you kidding me. >> gave is a what? >> i gave is a one. it was post converted 3-d. it was dreadful and not shot in 3- d. stay away from this movie. everybody was bored. go watch taken. that is an awesome movie. >> want to get to this one, the raid. you liked this movie. >> this is one of the greatest action films that i've ever seen. the action in this film is so epic that my brain was not able to comprehend how awesome it
6:44 am
was. i didn't know what emotion to feel. >> people are like who is the madman? >> right. he has to deal with the s.w.a.t. team that goes into this 30 story apartment building and take down a crime lord. it's one of the most violent thing that you've seen but you have an emotion connection to the characters and you care what happens. go see it. it is fantastic. i highly recommend t i loved every sing -- recommend it. i loved every single secretary of second of it. >> you can check out my reviews on my twitter page. go see the raid and the hunger games. sam worthington? >> so bad. >> not a fan.
6:45 am
>> so bad. i'm a fan of today's whether and i'm sure you are too. >> and you should be. we'll be up near 70 by sunday. we have some cloud cover in the forecast today. but i think we'll be dry for most of the day. here we go. a cool start to the day. it's cool enough that we still have the frost advisory across north maryland. 32 in frederick. the temperature is dipping below the freezing spot. some of this will move in a little later this morning. 46 in annapolis. looking at the satellite radar, it will be a so-so day. i think we'll start with sunshine and get some clouds moving in and we have a system out to the west. and most of the shower activity will fall apart or stay to the north. but we could see a sprinkle this afternoon. and as the area of low pressure tracks off to the north and west tonight, the clouds will increase and mostly cloudy
6:46 am
tonight and after midnight we have a chance for a few more showers. and tomorrow morning, cloud cover around and left overshower a possibility and gradual clearing by sunday afternoon and sunday fantastic. 63 today so that is just about where we should be for this time of year. and we cloud up tonight with a few showers around early tomorrow. and then we clear it out by sunday. and look at that mid-70s back monday and tuesday. there could be a thunderstorm by tuesday afternoon. all and all, not a bad looking forecast. >> it comes with the spring. >> sorry. >> good morning to both of you and to mr. barns. good to see you. >> i love his announcer voice. >> boys and girls, it is time for ask the weather guy. look at those old pictures.
6:47 am
we put our big heads together to answer your most pressing question. today's question is very humorous. it's quite long. it comes from lisa in maryland. she wants to know why our big heads picture has not been updated yet even though we promised is a couple months back? every morning we anxiously away the for the new photo to pop up. the excitement is pal pal pallable. how long can it take to change a picture. we need closure. >> that is hilarious. >> what is the deal? >> they're right. here's the deal, a couple months ago we took new pictures of having them on the introto ask the weather -- on the introask the weather guys and it has not been done. we don't know why it has taken
6:48 am
so long. >> maybe we don't have the right look yet. >> we have several choices. we have different photos that we've taken. this is an election year. these are the first ones. >> my gosh. hilarious. >> that goes with the presidential thee. >> you could be may bertha -- presidential theme. >> could be mayor with that picture. >> are you sitting? >> no, we're standing. >> we considered that one. but then we got excited about the possibility of our the new quarterback coming to town. so we decided to go with the football thing. i was surprised this is not f
6:49 am
rated. >> oh, my. [ laughter ] >> that is not right. >> it doesn't feel right. something about that just didn't feel right. >> we're not going to use that we get to meet celebrities. tucker and i were at a party once. so we took this picture. this is a guy that you see on tvs all the time. the world's most interest man. we were at a great party with him. >> that was a crazy night. >> that was a wild night. but it's too festive. so we're not going use that one. >> we thought this one was a classy one. this captures both of us. wait a minute. this is off the wall. >> he doesn't have a mustache. did they draw that? >> he did. >> we can't use that one. so we know a lot of students
6:50 am
and kids watch our segment. so we oned to put something in kid friendly, something a little different for the youngsters. >> what are you doing there? >> these are stuffed animals. >> what are you doing? >> i was having my animals attack each other. >> they're acting like children. >> they do that every day. >> this was tucker's idea that is an odd picture. we're not going use that. >> and you have red eye going on. >> we thought we would go old school. >> west hats next. there we go. how is that? >> tucker, you got that uniform look going on. the ladies making enjoy that -- lady is might enjoy that. >> and then how about old
6:51 am
school when we were younger. >> that picture is back again. i love this photo. >> that is tucker's hair. >> he had some serious hair. >> i guess we can figure out what crowd you hung out with. >> i bet. >> i look like a dj or something. >> that was the audition for miami vice. >> i love that. >> we figured i think this has been done some are before. >> something seems familiar about it so those are our choices. we're still working on it however, i have a surprise. finally lisa and lance, these are for real. here we go. updated picture for ask the weather guy. these are boring. >> they threw this together last night, actually. i don't know if i like that one
6:52 am
of me. >> tucker that is a good shot of you. you look like a politician. >> tucker looks mischiefious. tony looks as friendly as of. >> i want wisdom to be my picture. there you go. thank you for the great question. we had a lot of fun with that if you have a question you want answered, go to and click on weather tab. this has been a great week at fox 5. >> those are funny pictures. we finally have the new ones. tucker was such a pretty girl in his college days. >> he was. >> i love the hair. >> you're jealous of my hair. >> and tony said when he was cool. i didn't know that was ever. >> i had a six week period when i was cool way back when. >> what happened? was there a growth spurt or
6:53 am
something? did they kick you out of the club or something? >> you're still cool. >> you are very cool. on the roads this morning, inner loop and the beltway, this has what we've been talking about. this is the major tieup for the morning drive. this is where we have the lane shift that we were talking about the inner loop at the beltway as you work your way past braddock road, you can see that the two left lanes are being shifted over to the right. not much warning out there at all if you're traveling the inner loop of the beltway, you're in a big backup leaving the springfield inchange. that is not unnormal. but this is. we started with this incident on the beltway and that is the poke call -- focal point of the delay that lane shift. big delays for the springfield interchange. centerville to 123, lanes open and 95 and college park and
6:54 am
george avenue flowing smoothly. get your jazz hands ready and shine up the dancing shoes. >> holly is live in baltimore this morning with some talented performers who are warming up for the national dance sports championships. we're back in a moment. my dad was a union electrician. sometimes i'd tag along to a work site, carrying his lunch or tools. it was good, honest work. i went to college with the help of a union scholarship, then started a maryland business, creating jobs by providing financing to small companies wall street ignored. today, congress is ignoring our need for jobs. my dad the electrician taught me, if something's broken, get in there and try to fix it. i'm john delaney, and i approve this message.
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good morning, everybody. i'm holly morris on this friday. we are looking for the best in the nation in terms of ball room and latin dancing, as we are live in baltimore, where they are gearing up for the u.s.a. dance national dance championships. these are the best dancers in the nation in terms of ball room and latin dance. 1200 competitors will be here this weekend, vying for a spot
6:58 am
to represent the u.s.a. in the world championships. as you can see, there are dancers warming up this morning. they range in age from seven to people in their 70s. that's the wonderful thing about dancing. you can do it your entire life. the actual competition begins at 8:00 this morning. we will see live competition. we're going to talk with some of the judges, with the vice president in terms of what this all means and how big it is throughout the nation, where it stands in terms of being an olympic sport. and then we have one of the judges from "dancing with the stars" joining us. she's going to join us and maybe i'll get a lesson. there's a lot going on. >> looks good. ready? >> you may break my back. >> i think you're right. >> you already have a broken foot. time to say good morning to
6:59 am
our facebook fan of the day. these are her kids in the photo and her youngest son's birthday is april 1st. she says it's an honor, because her son is on the autism speck petroleum and april is autism awareness month. happy birthday, jacob. tina and family, thank you for watching. for a chance to be monday's fan of the day, head to our facebook page and post under her family photo. good looking family, too. that does it for the 6:00 hour. >> let's send it to tony and allison. >> coming up, as the call for justice pushes forward in the trayvon martin case, this morning we are hearing from george zimmerman's brother. we'll have his reaction to the accusations and the public outrage this case has sparked. plus. >> reporter: mitt romney gets a big endorsement


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